Whether you are looking to scale your small business or planning to expand your personal brand on social media, photography can help carve your unique space and attract new clients. Based in London, I am a professional photographer specialising in portraiture, corporate, events, and brand photography. 

Individuals or organisations can leverage my services for both in-studio and on-site photoshoots. With extensive experience shooting for magazines, business owners and social media content for brands, I also offer professional-grade editing and retouching to give you high quality photographs ready to be published across your marketing channels. 

Creating a brand that stands out from the competition is essential. For that, all you need is compelling imagery that will draw in your ideal clients. Our commercial photography service will give you access to magazine-quality photos that you can use for new marketing initiatives, websites, brochures and social media.​​​​​
Our event photography service includes pre-event planning discussions, coverage of the event, photo editing, and the delivery of polished high-resolution images ready to be shared. We take pride in providing our clients with exceptional photography that leave them with memories to cherish forever.
- I am a photographer, visual artist and all round creative professional born in Italy and based in Islington, London. -

I have a keen interest in portraiture and an eye for style. Since my teenage years I’ve spent long time browsing fashion and photography books and magazines, refining my personal visual language. I started taking photographs because it seemed the perfect medium to tell stories about myself and my closest friends. It was a unique way to approach somebody and do something creative and personal.

Fast forward some years, I’ve travelled extensively and lived in different countries. I've also had my photographs and artworks exhibited in private galleries and public institutions. These experiences further helped me expand my visual, conceptual, and relational resources.

I care about what I do, and year after year, I continue to refine my craft. My aim is to give all my clients a unique chance to present themselves creatively and effectively to their audience.

Why choosing Marcello Simeone Photography?
Here are a few of the most notable benefits:

Flexibility and Trust. As we are not tied to a single employer, we have the flexibility to work on our own terms. We don’t usually get any deposit unless we are required to sign a contract to give you great flexibility when you schedule online. We strive to exceed expectations and build a relationship based on mutual trust so you can appreciate firsthand our dedication and commitment and pay after the photoshoot.

Personalised Service. When you hire us, you're getting someone who is dedicated to meeting your specific needs. We are excited to work closely with our clients to create a custom photoshoot that fits your budget and vision.

Variety of Styles and Expertise. We specialise in all sorts of different genres, from weddings and portraits to brand photography and event coverage. This means that you're sure we have the experience and skills to capture the perfect photos for your needs.

Competitive Pricing. We often charge less than in-house photographers or photography studios. This is because we don't have the same overhead costs, such as rent and staff salaries.

If you're looking for a professional photography service that can provide you with all this, then hiring us is a great option!

Our services are available seven days a week, and we offer studio shoot appointments and on-site photography to accommodate your requirements. To schedule your photoshoot online click here. For any enquiries please fill in the form below, call +44(0)7944022837 or send an email to marcello.simeone@gmail.com.
Thank you!
Thank you!